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Gila - Mimbres - Headwaters data

The Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Action Plan for the Gila Headwaters (October 2010)

The Nature Conservancy recently updated its Conservation Action Plan for the Gila Headwaters. This paper describes TNC's planning process. The process involves defining the project area, identifying conservation targets, assessing conservation target viability, identifying critical threats to these targets, developing and implementing strategies to abate these threats and improve target viability, and measuring strategy effectiveness.

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Upper Mimbres Watershed Assessment (December 2009)

The Mimbres Fire Learning Network (FLN) demonstration project is located in southwest New Mexico, focused on a portion of the Wilderness District of the Gila National Forest. This report details the rapid landscape-scale resource assessment TNC conducted to provide a basis for developing a collaborative fire management plan for the Upper Mimbres Watershed.

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Iron Bridge Management Plan (September 2008)

This document summarizes the ecological significance, acquisition steps, and management activities for the Iron Bridge Conservation Area, that was purchased in 2008 in partnership with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish using Natural Lands Protection Act Funds.

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